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School Information / Gwybodaeth Ysgol

School Mission Statement

Reach for the Stars Learning and Growing Together

At High Street Primary School, our mission is to create a safe, secure and happy learning environment in the heart of the High Street community.  With a central focus on the progressive and interdependent building blocks of child development, we value the importance of belonging, communication, exploration, physical development and wellbeing.  Teaching and learning is focused on purposeful learning achieved through enabling adults, engaging experiences and effective learning environments.  

All learners will access authentic opportunities and experiences which engage curiosity, awe and wonder within the indoor and outdoor environment.  They will be challenged to become resilient, independent learners who can achieve their potential through a stage and not age approach. 

We will in-still passion and pride in learners, staff and our community, enabling understanding of our diverse society whilst developing a strong sense of our own and others identities. Learners will make connections with people, places and histories locally and nationally in Wales and across the world.